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Maximize Productivity
with Precast Concrete

Our mission is to revolutionize commercial construction through cutting-edge precast technology. By harnessing innovative beam designs, we deliver longer spans with reduced material input, enhancing structural efficiency while offering architectural flexibility.


Our commitment to sustainability drives us to minimize material usage, ensuring cost-effectiveness and environmental responsibility. We strive to streamline construction processes, accelerate timelines, and elevate project quality.


With a focus on advancing precast methodologies, we empower the industry to build safer, more durable, and aesthetically impressive structures. We're dedicated to shaping the future of commercial construction with our transformative approach to precast technology.

Our Technology

Our advancements in precast technology include innovative beam designs that offer longer spans with reduced material input compared to traditional methods.


These new designs optimize the structural efficiency of precast concrete components, allowing for greater flexibility in architectural design while minimizing material usage.


This breakthrough improves the sustainability and cost-effectiveness of precast construction, offering significant benefits for commercial building projects.

Our Team

With several million square feet of precast construction expertise, our team combines extensive experience in both building and designing with precast elements. Our track record demonstrates our proficiency in executing projects efficiently and our ability to deliver innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of each undertaking.


Rick Rivkin

Rick’s chief role for LGS Precast is customer engagement and strategy. Being a real estate developer himself, Rick is uniquely equipped for this task.


Alberto Spolaor

Alberto brings deep expertise in prefab/precast construction from various global markets, including Italy, Saudi Arabia, and the USA. He directs all operations for LGS and manages LGS’ equipment and building design team.

VP of Engineering

Fady Aziz, P.E.

Fady has been responsible for the structural design of over 6 million SqFt of commercial projects in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and USA. Fady's creative and future minded designs have enabled LGS Precast's breakthroughs to create buildings faster and cost effectively

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