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LGS Precast's Revolutionary 100% Precast System for Texas

LGS Precast introduces a revolutionary 100% precast system that sets a new benchmark for industrial and commercial design in Texas. Crafted to meet the most stringent requirements of modern construction.




In the realm of vertical design, our precast columns stand tall, reaching heights exceeding 40 feet to achieve clear heights of up to 39 feet. Whether it's ensuring ample headroom in industrial facilities or creating expansive commercial spaces, our columns are designed to elevate the aesthetic and functional aspects of any project.

When it comes to industrial and commercial structures, our precast beam designs are engineered to excel with impressive column spacing capabilities. With the ability to handle column spacing between 50 to 60 feet, our beams offer exceptional structural integrity, allowing for vast open spaces that maximize usable area.

By harnessing the benefits of our precast system, construction professionals can achieve architectural freedom while maintaining superior strength and performance. The adaptability and reliability of our system make it an ideal choice for projects that demand precision engineering, robustness, and aesthetic appeal.

LGS Precast's commitment to innovation and excellence shines through in every application of our precast system, enabling designers and builders to realize their vision with confidence and efficiency. Experience the transformative power of our precast solutions and unlock new possibilities in industrial and commercial design across Texas.

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