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Our Team

At LGS Precast, our team is a blend of international experience in precast technology, plant setup, and construction, complemented by an in-house structural engineer and a business development team with roots in real estate. This unique mix of expertise ensures that we deliver top-notch precast solutions tailored to meet the demands of the Texas construction industry.

Our team's global perspective on precast technology allows us to introduce innovative practices and cutting-edge techniques to the local market. Having a structural engineer in-house enables us to maintain a high standard of design precision and reliability in every project we undertake. Furthermore, our business development team's background in real estate equips us to fully grasp and address the distinctive requirements of real estate developers, our primary clients.

Collectively, our diverse skill sets, extensive experience, and deep industry knowledge empower us to provide customized precast concrete solutions that not only meet but also exceed the expectations of our clients. At LGS Precast, we are committed to driving innovation, efficiency, and excellence in the Texas construction landscape through our collaborative and knowledgeable team.


Our Team

With several million square feet of precast construction expertise, our team combines extensive experience in both building and designing with precast elements. Our track record demonstrates our proficiency in executing projects efficiently and our ability to deliver innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of each undertaking.

  • Responsibilities:

  • Streamline material costs and onsite labor to enhance efficiency and reduce expenses.

  • Supervise operations, including equipment, manpower, and engineering.

  • Implement best practices in manufacturing tools necessary for steel and concrete prefab projects.

  • Lead the company in strategic planning and execution of business goals.

  • Foster innovation and continuous improvement in all aspects of the company's operations.

Alberto Spolaor

As the CEO, Alberto Spolaor is responsible for the overall management and operational oversight of LGS Precast. He brings extensive experience in prefab construction from various global markets, including Italy, Saudi Arabia, and the USA.


  • Responsibilities:

  • Lead the design and development of precast concrete components.

  • Oversee structural engineering projects, ensuring they meet industry standards and client specifications.

  • Implement innovative designs to make buildings faster and more cost-effective.

  • Pursue ongoing research and development to stay at the forefront of structural engineering advancements.

  • Provide technical guidance and support to the engineering team.

Fady Aziz

Fady Aziz, the Chief Technical Officer, is responsible for overseeing the technical aspects of LGS Precast’s operations, including engineering and product development.


  • Responsibilities:

  • Oversee all aspects of sales, marketing, and business development.

  • Manage land acquisition, property sales, and project financing.

  • Develop and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, including developers and investors.

  • Implement strategies to increase market share and expand the client base.

  • Ensure client satisfaction through exceptional service and support.

Rick Rivkin

Rick Rivkin, the Chief Revenue Officer, drives revenue growth and manages client relationships.


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