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In comparing the speed of construction between precast, tilt-wall, and structural steel buildings, our estimation indicates that precast technology can outperform both tilt-wall and structural steel setups significantly. Based on our analysis, we anticipate that our precast system can achieve a construction speed that is 100-200% faster than tilt-wall and structural steel buildings. 


This expedited timeline is primarily attributed to the off-site manufacturing of precast components, allowing for parallel construction processes and swift on-site assembly. In contrast, tilt-wall construction involves casting panels on-site, which can be time-consuming, and structural steel buildings require on-site assembly, which may lead to longer construction durations.

By leveraging the inherent efficiencies of precast technology, such as accelerated production, streamlined logistics, and rapid installation, we are confident that our system can offer a substantial time advantage over traditional tilt-wall and structural steel construction methods, making it a compelling choice for clients seeking expedited project schedules.

faster than
tilt-wall and structural steel buildings

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