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Standardized Design

Our standardized designs for precast concrete encompass a diverse range of structural elements tailored to meet the specific requirements of commercial construction projects. These standardized precast components offer efficiency, consistency, and reliability in

design and construction:




Precast wall panels provide structural support, insulation, and aesthetic appeal for building facades. These panels are available in various sizes, finishes, and textures to enhance the visual impact of the structure while offering durability and weather resistance.

Wall Panels

Double tee panels are renowned for their strength and load-bearing capacity, making them ideal for flooring and roofing systems in commercial buildings. These precast components feature a double tee cross-section that maximizes span lengths and structural performance.

Double Tee Panels

Precast columns offer vertical support and stability to building structures, ensuring enhanced structural integrity and load-bearing capabilities. Standardized column designs come in various dimensions and configurations to accommodate different architectural layouts and construction requirements.


Precast beams and girders play a vital role in distributing loads and supporting the weight of floors and roofs in commercial constructions. These standardized components provide strength, flexibility, and efficiency in structural design, contributing to the overall stability and performance of the building.

Beams and Girders

Hollow core planks are precast concrete slabs with longitudinal voids that reduce weight without compromising strength. These planks are widely used for flooring and roofing systems in commercial buildings, offering excellent spanning capabilities, fire resistance, and acoustic insulation properties.

Hollow Core Planks

By incorporating these standardized precast designs, including wall panels, double tee panels, columns, beams, girders, and hollow core planks, our clients benefit from a comprehensive suite of high-quality, cost-effective structural elements that are engineered for durability, efficiency, and versatility in commercial construction projects.


Conceptualization and Planning

Architects and engineers develop the building design and assess the feasibility of using precast concrete. At this stage, we would provide our in-house structural engineering service.

Component Selection

Suitable precast elements like walls, beams, and columns are chosen to meet structural and aesthetic requirements.

Detailed Design and Engineering

 Detailed specifications and engineering calculations are made for each precast component to ensure structural integrity and manufacturability.

Manufacturing & Quality Control

Precast components are produced off-site with strict quality control measures to ensure strength and dimensional accuracy.

Assembly and Installation

Precast elements are transported to the site and assembled according to plans, streamlining construction, and minimizing labor.

Sample Scope

Below is an example of how our 100% precast system would be applied to a distribution building.

Structural System

Column System

Column Base

Wall System

Primary Beams

Secondary Beams and Roof Decking

Conventional Design

HSS 10”x10”x5/8”

Steel Plate

Concrete Tilt Wall

Steel Joist Girders such as 40G-10N-10K

Bar Joists such as 28K10 w/ 20 gauge steel decking such as Vulcraft 1.5B

LGS Precast

2’x2’ Precast Columns

Precast Column Base

10’W Precast Wall Panels

Precast Prestressed Concrete Girder Beams

8’W Precast Double Tees

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