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We design our own building components. As a natural extension of that, we provide full-service structural engineering for our projects. The structural design process might only take us days thanks to our established design parameters.

Structural Engineering

Our staff and our trusted consultants can provide turnkey building design, including architecture and MEPF design. This allows us to ensure all aspects of a building are in harmony with our precast system.

Building Design

Our Process

Utilizing a standardized set of precast components, our building designs are meticulously tailored to leverage the structural characteristics of these elements.


By aligning architectural plans with the parameters of our manufactured components, we ensure efficient construction processes and seamless integration, optimizing both design flexibility and structural integrity while maintaining consistency and quality across projects.

Get Started

Once a design is complete, approved by the permit authority and the owner, the process is simple.


We begin with casting our components at our facility, often done while site works are being done. From there, once site works are complete, we erect the components for the project.

Seamless Construction Process


All our building components are manufactured at our facility in Walburg, TX. 

Components are cast within our custom-design molds in accordance with the project's shop drawings and specifications.

Manufacturing in a controlled environment allows us to obtain the highest quality of concrete mixing and further reduce material input costs.


Once a site is ready for the building to be erected, we provide the transportation of the components to the job site. 

Furthermore, we offer turnkey erection services for all of our buildings.

Compared, for example, to tilt-wall construction with steel columns and roofs, we are up to 3x faster for the shell phase of the project.

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