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Parametric Building Design

Our projects are crafted around a predefined set of precast components. This is the basis of what we call parametric building design.


This approach ensures seamless integration of components, optimizing construction processes and delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions tailored to our clients' needs.

Components Designed For Commercial Construction

Our proprietary beam designs save over 70% in materials compared traditional precast beams. They are also able to span distances of over 50 feet, allowing us to comfortable meet the needs of industrial and commercial building designs for a variety of uses.

Beams and Girders

Columns are available in lengths of 40' or greater, allowing for greater clear spans, particularly useful in warehouse and distribution spaces. Furthermore, we can add in elements such as corbels from which to hang crane rails. 


Wall panels are available insulated and uninsulated. Moreover, they can be designed with openings for glazing or other penetrations. Architectural elements can also be added in at the factory level, saving on site labor.

Wall Panels

Our double tees come in a standard 8' width and are provided at lengths to match a building's column spacing. Double fees function can function as roof panels and/or floor decks, depending on the design. 

Double Tees

What We Build

We are able to achieve 36' and greater clear spans, as well as 55+ foot column spacing.


We also can incorporate second floors once considered too costly to implement.


Our components can be configured for practically any low-rise office or flex configuration.

Office & Flex
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